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I am happy to support and share promotions from the great companies and folks who have helped me achieve my dreams!

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DPH Biologicals

Douglas Plant Health Biologicals makes some of the world's most innovative biologicals. Partnered with Target Specialty Products they make a wide range of fertility that can really catapult any grow to the next level.

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Inkbird has brought the technology behind my growing to the next level.  Their wide variety of timers, sensors, monitors have taken the guess work out of plant conditions.  Without their air, water, Co2 sensors I simply wouldn't be able to have the crazy growth I get out of these magnificent giant pumpkins. 

Rocky Mountain Bio Ag

Rocky Mountain Bio Ag has a vast range of organic products and Biologicals.  There Microbe Manna and Flora has the perfect boost of bacteria a plant desires.  Brandon has brought a different perspective to the biological world and with that has helped me achieve the World Record pumpkin at 2,749 pounds.


Neptune's Harvest

Ann at Neptune's has always had the best fish and seaweed blend out there.  This has been a lot of growers base fertility throughout the year.  What many don't know is Neptune's also makes a wide array of soil amendments that are top notch.  The kelp meal and crab and seashell meal were instrumental to my program with the 2,749.


Xtreme Gardening 

Xtreme Gardening has been around a very long time.  Their mycorizae fungi and azospirillum blends have single handedly changed growing techniques.  They are always on the cutting edge with new products. Without products like Azos, Mykos, Versity, and Teas I'm not sure where a lot of growers would be.

Blackgold potting soil

Blackgold potting soil has been key to fast explosive starts.  You might wonder why I specifically use this blend.  Truth is it is so light and airy the roots just thrive.  For the past years I have used Blackgold and my starts have improved immensely.  I can now grow plants that are larger with quicker pollination dates.


 Kevin at Rootwise has been a wealth of knowledge when it comes to soil biology.  His products and passion are second to none.  Mycrobe complete has just about everything you need in a great mix!

Chilled Tech Lighting

One of the most innovative LED Lighting companies out there.  These lights produce an incredible amount of usable plant light and are cool to the touch.  For early starts they are my go to for a plant boosts!



BioTherm has several products I used to grow the world record pumpkin.  One in particular is terrific for disease suppresion is Rootshield Plus.  Just sprinkle it on your soil or in your mixes and you have a colony of warrior's that will battle the bad guys.

Plaisted Companies Inc.

If there is one company willing to help the pumpkin world it's Plaisted's.  They create and make whatever soil I want for burying my vines.  They have a wonderful total garden blend that has incredible drainage, lightening, airy, and the roots explode!

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